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Are you a big fan of the Tolkien's universe Lord of the Rings? Or love new Hobbit movies and BFME games? Then this application is for you! For all fans of this epic fantasy, we created a huge collection of incredible art of good quality for your smartphones.

You can download, share and just enjoy these beautiful arts! At the same time, images do not lose quality and remain the same. - Almost all the famous heroes and villains are represented.

You can choose any category such as Mordor, Hobbits, Elves, Isengard, Dwarfs and much more.

Most famous characters.

Are you a fan of the legendary trio of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli? Or do you prefer villains like Sauron or Witch-King? Does not matter, you will find all of them!

- The whole collection has more than 1000 pictures. The choice is simply huge.

- New artworks are added every week and automatically. You do not need to update the application to view new artworks!

- Ability to download pictures for offline viewing.


The Edain Arts application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use".

Images and illustrations are not placed inside the application and are collected from across the web. All logos / images / names are the property of their owners. These images are not approved by any of their owners, and are used solely for artistic and aesthetic purposes. Copyright infringement is not allowed, and any request to delete one of the images / logos / names will be respected.

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